Tugas 1 / Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2 (Why does english important for my subject?)

English has become a global language. By this case, understanding english is a valuable capital to start huge relationships among countries. In order to know why does english come as an important thing, especially for my subject (Economy/accounting). We have to know that english is a good stuff to start talking with people abroad.

There are some reasons of why is english important for an economist also accountant.

  1. Become an expert of econometric or accountant will give you a chance to manage a company. To have this scooe you have to manage a develoment of a company. English will help us to enlarge our business entity. By understanding english, we could enter global or international business. Because, english is a global language. So that, it could be a stuff to communicate with people abroad. Later, the company will have brances over this world.
  2. For a small scope, we could see from the benefit for employee. If employees able to speak in english, it will increase their value in front of a company. They are more preferable to be hired rather than the one who can’t. This will effectively work esecially for an international business entity or international company.
  3. While we have a plan to start a business, we will have a chance to get a business trip abroad. It comes as a strong reason of why is english important. At first, a businessman will make a conference with foreign people as their business partner. They will need english as a stuff to communicate each other.
  4. The last from my point of view will take a cost for a student or a higer level of student (University student). English will be very important thing for them. Because, every aspect they will learn are served in english. The other reason is matters are served in english are more complete. This is why lecturers are more prefereable to serve a topic from abroad. Which means they are served in english.

The conclusion are english is an important stuff because english has become a key to global relation. By globalization, english will meet us from every aspects such as as a business partner, and as an educational program.


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