Tugas 2 / Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2 / what will i do after graduated from UG?

Graduated from university comes as a precious thing to show up. Because the title we will get will be the key to enter a higher lever of job career. Beside, going through university will enrich our knowledge about analyzing spesific topic.

Talking about planning, i will certainly write about what will i do after graduated from university. From my point of view, graduated from university means we are on a higher stage. This could help us to reach out a better place in an instance. It’s not only because of the title but also talking about our skill and intelligent. Which will be conected with our value in front of the company. By this reason, i am planning to applying for a job in a higher class level. Such as, Manager or head of a division.

After all, i am planning to set a business profile. I will start a company with my own, and starting enjoying this life. By, touring around the world with my family. Later, i want to meet my favourite actor and actress, guess who??

After that, i have nothing so far….



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