Tugas 3 Bahasa inggris bisnis 2 Movie Review




This story written by Chris Galleta

Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts


Nick Robinsosn as Joe

Gabriel Basso as Patrick

Moises Arias as Biaggio

Nick Offerman as Frank

Erin Moriarty as Kelly

Genres Comedy Drama

Release Date 23 August 2013


This movie drives you into a series of feeling. Starting from three 15 years old teenages named, Joe, Patrick, and Biaggio. This movies mixed some emotions like, desire, disenchantment, happiness, and pain.

As young teenagers, they want to have their freedom ang life without theri parent’s control. Joe and Patrick as the one who feel bored with their life, because their parents keep doing everything he hates. This made them to find the way out which will release them from their parent’s trap. Event soo.. They don’t have any power stand on. Just like, thinking of money, places, and the other necessities. “Who will afford them?”.

By this case, Joe’s starting to check out if there is a way out for them. In the summer party, he finds a place in the forest. Later, He pictures that place as their kingdom. The day after, he convinces his friend’s (Patrick) to leave their parents and made their own life’s. He projected to bulid a house in the middle of forest together with Patrick. At first, Patrick refuses him but they do the project.


While this project cost a lot and they need more craftsman to build their place. They found Biaggio (The geek-weirdo). They works together and made a deal together. Create their own rules, lives together as a brother without telling anyone about their place.

Living together with their own rule, makes they feel satisfied, but far away from the citizen has made Joe feels lonely. Missing his favourite girl’s Kelly. He decided to break their rule and take her to their place.


Unpredictable, Kelly falls for Patrick and mades Joe angry. Their love has made a fight. That brings Kelly and Patrick leave their place. Biaggio as the one who left, try to comfort Joe. But Joe refuses and asking Biaggio to leave. At least, Joe is the only one on that place.

The ends, starting from a visit of a snake which going to bite Joe. While Joe could handle this, Biaggio’s coming and trying to kill the snake. Face a fail, Biaggio bitten and fainted. Joe and his father (Franks) bring him to the hospital.

At least, They back to their own life’s and Live with their parents with a change of parent’s style.




I think the best figure in this movie is Biaggio. I like him, by his name. It sounds fun and nice. But, The best reason comes as he is a loyal friend and knowing veracity. Beside, he is very naive and wierd.. haha.. this bring him to have a strong character in this movie.


picture of biaggio


Later, The one that i hate in this movie is Joe. I think he is very big headed and childish. So stupid, to think of living in a cottage without having any skills and money.



The best scheme that i like the most is, the part while Joe, Patrick, and Biaggio singing and dancing in the forest. I feel the nature and the happiness, especially desire of freedom..



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