Picture Caption Of Vesakh Day’s Celebration – Tugas Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

ImageVesakh Day’s Celebration

Hello Everyone, Today I’m going to share some experience from my activity. What will i certainly talk about? Right, Im going to tell you about vesakh day’s celebration. Have you ever heard Buddhism Ceremonial? Well, actually there are many sacred ritualistic ceremony in Buddhism. E.g. Vesakh’s Day. By this chance, I’m going to explain some part in vesakh day’s ceremony. As you see, there is a picture above.. it was taken in vesakh day’s celebrated by PMBG (Kind of Buddhism Organization Foundated by Gunadarma Volunter’s).

The picture was taken in Gunadarma University at Campus D, about June 2012. On that picture, we saw a monk was blessing for the common audiences. The audiences consist of people from Buddhism organization related in Jakarta and nearby. E.g. buddhism comunity from another university and other related buddhist organizations. What’s profound on that picture is a little part of the whole ceremonial activities. This part comes to common end of the celebration. By the way, why this part included? Actually, i really like this part because in this section, the monk will sprink kind of holy water which had blessed by the monk. This part’s aimed to make a good fortune for those common people whose blessed.

I Think this could be amazed to tell you guys about this ceremonial, and i’m very excited.. soo let’s start……

Okay, as we see.. the monk’s holding a splrinkler (Actually, i don’t know what does it called. It seems like a sprinkler) and a bowl. That bowl consists of holy water, which believed has been invocated. The monk was making a pray at first for a good life for every single thing in the world. After invocation, the monk will walk around the audience and sprinkle the water. While the Monk do that. The audience will make a move called “anjali” a move like you see on the picture. With two palm of hand united above their chest. This move is pretty nice because it means that the person shown a respect and receive all the things are given to them. After getting that, both of them will make a ray together directed to the only one Creator (God).

The other part of vesakh day which is amazing for me is when we holding a candle and light it up. Of course we turn off the light at first. As you see on the picture there is a pleat of paper which shaped as a lily water (Lotus). On center of the replica (of lily water), there is a candle which will be lighted up. You can see that replicas (I have circled with red line on the picture).

Uhhmmm.. I think, it comes as the last i could explain about the picture above. Thanks for visiting hope you enjoyed it.


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