Perfection, it brings back everything which has already happened. One of thousand dreadful stories..

The sound of beating’s heart, pitch of voices, colour of faces, bring back all the joy and happiness…

It was alive…

Every people singing and fall in line.. they talked and breath together… one mistakes, until the crowded became to restless and can’t afford anymore..

the egoism led them to be self centered. Where is that beautiful romance? the sound of living lifes has gone.

No colour..

No sound..

No passion..

Filled by emptiness, there will be a lot of substances. Which is eternal and pure.

Human with their humanity become useless, without any affection and purity..

Passion is the root of sickness.. it brings desire which may hurt eternality..

Keep it perish soo there won’t be any lose. Why? Because you never have it.


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